Unite for Strength, USAN and Union Strong leaders fight for diversity
and true inclusion. Diversity has been a cornerstone of
Unite for Strength and USAN since their inception.

We believe that to encourage diversity,
we must elect diversity.

Diversity and inclusiveness in leadership and representation are absolutely essential to creating safer sets, achieving pay equity, and increasing opportunities for all marginalized groups.

To us, actually electing performers from traditionally marginalized groups to leadership roles is the only way to ensure that their lived experiences inform the process of creating the contracts that will protect us all.

We have led with these diversity initiatives:
- Diversity Action Plan
- SAG-AFTRA's Stop the Hate Week Summit
- Implicit bias training for National and Local boards
- Diversity Hiring initiatives
- Promoting the union’s Low Budget contract's diversity incentives
- Creating and distributing an inclusive practices guide for broadcast journalists
- Establishment  of Stunt Diversity Task Force to fight paintdowns and wigging and hire stunt performers
  with the same ethnicity as the performer
- Creating the SAG-AFTRA Asian American Anti-Hate PSA
- Fighting for equitable treatment regarding hair and makeup
- Sent two constitutional amendments to convention for consideration:
           - adding diversity, equity and inclusion to union objectives; and
            - an amendment implementing gender-neutral inclusive language.

We are proud of SAG-AFTRA's long-standing commitment in the fight for diversity and inclusion and are grateful to the many members who work year-round to advance this critical work in committees such as the Diversity Advisory Committee, Performers with Disabilities, EEO, Asian Pacific American Media, Native Americans, the newly established Latino and Middle Eastern/North African (MENA) committees, Performers with Disabilities, Seniors, Women’s and LGBTQ committees, and the Stunt Diversity Task Force.

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