Under the leadership of Unite for Strength, USAN, and Union Strong
leaders from around the country, SAG-AFTRA moved quickly to create
COVID safety protocols that kept members working
despite shutdowns around the country.

The President’s Blue Ribbon Safety Task Force worked tirelessly through the early months of the pandemic with sister unions and epidemiologists to craft the SAFE WAY FORWARD document which included:

- Routine COVID-testing before and during production
- A zone system which protected performers—the most vulnerable people on set
- The introduction of COVID Compliance Officers on set
- Dedicated Hygiene crews to follow cleaning and disinfection protocols
- Personal protective equipment for cast and crew
- Physical distancing at all times including meals and transportation

In an unprecedented show of solidarity, SAG-AFTRA, the DGA, IATSE, and the Basic Crafts Unions negotiated together with the AMPTP for the Return to Work Agreement. Our solid working relationships between our leadership and our sister unions during this process were crucial in getting the industry working again.

The Return to Work agreement with the AMPTP agreement guaranteed members:

- Payment for COVID testing
- Payment for Quarantine
- Paid Sick leave


The Return to Work Agreement had been extended indefinitely as the parties returned to the table to discuss the best paths for moving forward in light of the changing circumstances of the pandemic.

Entertainment industry unions and the AMPTP completed their deliberations and announced adjustments to the COVID-19 Safety Agreement based on updated information on vaccines and other scientific advances.

New modifications focus on practices in the workplace for fully vaccinated cast and crew, with adaptations to outdoor masking requirements as well as mealtime protocols.

On a production to production basis, producers may opt to enact mandatory vaccination policies for those cast and crew members working in Zone A.

In areas of the United States and Canada that have maintained consistently low COVID-19 infection rates, there may be accommodations allowed in testing frequency.

This updated version of the Return to Work Agreement will remain in effect through September 30, 2021. All parties will continue to monitor COVID-19 developments.

We remain committed to preserving member safety while creating safe sets so those members can continue to work.

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